Our Story

Additional Information

   Three generations of our family work in our vineyards and winery.  We planted our first grapevines in Goochland county in April of 2005.  We have 8 acres of vines, and more planned for the spring of 2021, consisting of  9 varieties of American, European, and Hybrid grapes.  Our grapes are grown at Byrd Cellars Vineyards, (located 2 miles East of the winery on Davis Mill Road).  We produce a robust selection 17 fine wines that are affordably priced from $11.40 to $18.99 and are the best priced wines in all of the state.  These wines range from dry to sweet and include a unique after dinner wine with natural chocolate notes, and a sweet aperitif-like wine produced using the ancient orange method (unique within the state).  Our 2017 production was 3,800 cases (45,000 bottles).  The subterranean winery has the capacity to produce 4,600 cases of wine and is maintained at a constant temperature of 58-60 degrees year round; air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter using a renewable energy source wood furnace.  You will often by greeted by the owners, the winemaker, and even our vineyard manager working in the Tasting room on weekends.  This is a great opportunity for you to engage us with your questions about our unique vineyard growing and winemaking techniques. 


​   We use a micro-drip irrigation system to conserve water.  All of our fertilization is done with natural organic fertilizers and a large portion of our properties are in protected as conserved forest land.  At Byrd Cellars, we recycle and re-use our own bottles to conserve energy.  Currently about 5,000 bottles are either returned by our environmentally conscientious customers, or in the typical daily use by us at our winery and from festivals.  Sustainable grape production means that no grape production by-products are discards, but instead find their way back into the vineyards.

​When you purchase bottles of wines from us,  and we know you will, you can bring back the empty rinsed bottles and get fifty cents back for each one, helping both of us to do our part for the environment.  Who else does this?