Our Wine Club

Your Benefits

  • No selection limitations - mix & match any of our wines
  • 15% discount on all purchases, anytime & anywhere including festivals & online
  • 20% discount when you complete 2 years
  • Complimentary tastings for you & up to 3 guests EVERY time you visit ​(glasses not included)
  • New wines ​exclusively released to club members 1st
  • Free tickets to our club events - your free admission includes your "plus 1" to all of these events
  • ​Your only obligation is to make 4 visits (winery, online, or festivals) that includes the purchase of 3 or more bottles of wine!​ - to keep your membership current these visits must occur at least 1 per 6 months or at most 1 per day


Be part of the community and enjoy all the perks instantly!

The Details

Additional Information

We have a great wine club - lots of benefits, great prices and a whole bunch of friendly fellow wine lovers!  Our club membership is over 1,600 and growing every week.  Over 600 of our members are now Gold level (2+ year members)

It's free to join – no membership fees - no recorded credit card numbers - no surprise charging - no need to notify us if your move or no longer wish to be a club member (your membership simply becomes inactive)

No selection limitations – mix & match any of our wines

No need to submit your credit card information.  A big safety feature for your finances these days

15% discount on bottle purchases. 

20% discount after a two year membership (Gold level membership)

The Byrd Cellars wine club discount also applies at festivals & on-line.

You can purchase additional wines as well and get your club discount on those, too.

Complimentary tastings for 1 member and up to 3 guests each time you visit our Tasting room (glass not included).  There is no limit on how many times you can afford yourself of this club benefit either.

New wines are released to Club members 1st giving you preferred access to limited quantity wines

You will receive a temporary Wine Club (punch) card when you sign up.  We will punch the card with your first 3 visits and upon your 4th visit you will get your deposits returned to you (yes membership is FREE!) then we will give you your permanent Wine Club membership card.  The card will include your member number, which you can use to see your "member since" date, and your most recent visit.  This information is posted on the club member page.  Only your member number will appear keeping your personal information confidential.

Your only obligation is to deposit $7.50 for each of the first 3 visits where you purchase 3 bottles or more.  Upon your 4th visit, your entire deposit is credited back to you.  We suggest that you make those first three purchases using a credit card so that they are  You need only to stay current by making additional 3 bottle purchases once every 6 months. Purchase in person or order on-line at our secure server website.

The fine points:

We used to require quarterly wine purchases, however, we have changed this to a "visit" (includes a 3 bottle purchase), at least once every 6 months!  We hope this makes it easier for club members living longer distances from our winery.

Wine shipments are, of course, subject to availability.  If your selection is not available, you can choose an alternate or let us provide one for you.  We strive to maintain all 17 wines in stock year round.

Shipping wine to your place of business is usually much less expensive than shipping to your residence and more likely someone will be present to sign for your order. We generally ship via UPS and the shipping charge is our discounted UPS cost passed on directly to you with no additional charges not even the cost of our padded shipping containers.

When we participate in a festival near you, you can let us know and we will bring your next  shipment with us to save you the shipping cost. You'll be able to pick your wine up at the festival.

Wine purchases at festivals we participate in are also eligible for our club member discount. (15 or 20% depending on how long you have been a member).  We participate in some great wine festivals throughout the state; north, south, east, and west. - If you have a favorite festival that we currently do not attend, please have the festival organizers give us a call.

Our SUNDOWN "Give Me My Wine" parties are open to all club members at no cost as well as a "plus 1" (a single guest).  You may bring other friends with you $10 per person which includes a free wine tasting.  Cost purchased on-line or at the door.  Typically live music is provided.  We will occasionally have light snacks and we encourage you to stay and enjoy the company of fellow club members.  Save shipping charges and have fun at our quarterly wine pick up parties!

Due to the large crowds in attendance we have chosen to group our Sundown events during warmer weather so that it can be more of an outdoor event.  The"Sundown Summer Music Series" will be 4 evenings of fun and music approximately one month apart.

Wine cannot currently be shipped outside the state of Virginia, due to the restrictive laws of other states. All other store items may be shipped anywhere in the United States.  Call (804-652-5663) for details on shipping outside the US.   Club members are not charged handling fees and shipping is strictly at the UPS rate.  TIP:   The more wine you ship the lower the cost per bottle.  Go in with friends or family to achieve this, too.

We do not ship on Fridays (except during the winter months) because UPS does not make weekend deliveries and we don't want your wine stored at a UPS delivery center over the weekend.  Note, during the winter holidays UPS will deliver on Saturday.  Call us to arrange for this.

Wine cannot be delivered to a UPS Access Point.

 If you are having your wine order shipped, simply go to our on-line store and mention you are a wine club member to get your discount applied.  Please note we will apply the discount after you have placed your order, but prior to shipping.

If you are not sure of your last visit, go to our Club Roster to get your member information.  You will need your Wine Club member number (on your club membership card) to do this.



Monday - Thursday: SALES ONLY - NO TASTINGS: 9am to 6pm (please call ahead)

Friday - Saturday - Sunday: 12pm to 5pm